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A Richer Editor for Web and Mobile

Quink is a versatile, extensible, mobile-friendly, open source, in-page WYSIWYG HTML editor.

It is a tool for front-end developers to add rich editing capabilities to their solutions.

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Most of this page can be edited, including the Quink logo graphic at the bottom

Double-click anywhere to get the toolbar

In-Page HTML Editor

Quink is designed to allow some or all of the HTML content in a page to be edited in a browser.

It uses the contenteditable features of modern browsers

Quink uses the browser rendering engine of the generated HTML as you edit, so you see exactly how it looks.

Different browsers and window sizes will affect exact layout as with normal HTML

Versatile and Extensible

Quink has a clean plugin architecture and allows configuration of key components

Activation of plug-in editors is based on element type or css class

Keymaps to match commands to typed key combinations

This page uses two excellent open source SVG editors as plugins: svg-edit and Method-Draw


Quink was born of frustration trying to use other solutions on iOS

We aim to support at least iOS and Android browsers

Android support is work in progress!

Open Source

Quink is released under the GNU Lesser GPL

Using Quink within a site or app does not require your project to be open sourced

You can create or use open source and proprietary plugins

Enhancements and improvements to the core MUST be open source

Our aim is to allow widest use, and encourage people to help develop and maintain the core and add to the Quink ecosystem.

Valuable contributions you can make:
If you can publish plugins as open source, or write adapters to existing cool open source components, we would love you to do so.

background Layer 1 Double-Click To Edit

Quink was conceived and developed at IMD

The Innovative Business School